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I'm off today so it should be pretty simple. For breakfast I had 2 primal palate sausages, a handful of romaine lettuce topped with cherry tomatoes and one fried egg, a spoon of homemade mayo and a big mug of paleo leap sweet potato soup. I've decided that soup for breakfast is delightful! I have also realized that I learned a lot about cooking from my first whole 30. 2 years ago I never thought I'd be making mayo and bone broth, but I routinely make them now without even thinking about it! Today I'm making a breakfast casserole, doing something for mel and I for dinner and figuring out lunch for tomorrow. Lunch is going to be tricky for me. Tomorrow I go in at 11 and will be finished around 5. I will probably eat breakfast around 930. So I should eat lunch around 2, 2:30. Of course, that's often when I'm busy. I obviously can't go sit down and enjoy a meal, so I need things I can eat quickly while standing at the computer ringing in customers burritos. I know from experience that if I let myself get caught up in work and don't eat I will get grumpy. I have done a lot of research on packed lunches, have a fridge I can utilize and got 2 new thermos (thermi,thermoses?) so really I just have to plan, and make time to eat. Even if I'm at work, my needs are important! Ok, I'm off to drink some water and run some errands.

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Lunch tasted amazing and it was so simple. Chicken breast over a big plate of cabbage all drizzled with a little warm coconut oil. Served with a bowl of silky ginger zucchini soup. (Either matt and I are total wimps or I messed up and added too much pepper b/c we both thought it was too spicy so I added a little coconut milk to tone it down. Plus, that's just extra good fat :)) I didn't even think I was hungry, but I enjoyed it thoroughly. Maybe because im not used to sitting down to something warm in the afternoon. I really need to try to make lunch a priority whether im off or working. Drank half of an original kombucha while running errands and have been trying to guzzle water. Tomorrow I will use my water bottle to be sure of how much I have had.

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I had trouble finishing my lunch, but was really hungry 4 hours later. Probably could have used another heartier veggie and a little more coconut oil/dressing. I made some compliant tea and sipped on that while I got dinner ready.


*Elk burger patty. I have seen these in the store and been curious for awhile. Meh. Kind of gamey and didn't love the texture. Maybe if I cooked in the oven and had remembered to Sautee some onions as a topping. I have 1 more so we shall see.

*Mug of sweet potato soup

*Small salad from cabbage/cilantro blend bag topped with half a very small avocado, some cherry tomatoes and a dollop of mayo

*Handful of carrots roasted with coconut oil (yummy)

I feel like I drank a ton of water but it was probably not near as much as I should have.

I also know that I need/want to vary my veggies a little more. I don't want to rely on soup and salad at every meal. It just worked that way today. I was planning to throw a pork tenderloin in the crockpot in the morning, but now I have to work at gf so my day will be even longer and that wont really work. I told matt he would just have to feed me compliant dinner. But if it gets late and I can't eat there, I can always throw together a salad and I do have chili in the freezer. Breakfast and lunch are all together for tomorrow and I'm feeling pretty good.

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Had trouble falling asleep last night, but once I did it was pretty good. Just wish my congestion would go away!

Meal 1

* The last maybe 3 or 4 oz of the silky ginger zucchini soup. Yes, I wish I had made a double batch

*1/4 a piece of casserole that contained 9 eggs, 4oz coconut milk, half a large onion, 3/4 a huge zucchini, a pound of ground turkey, six handfuls of spinach, and some salt pepper and mustard to season (while eating I realized I forgot to add mushrooms like I intended)

This seemed like a huge meal but I ate it all and enjoyed. I also drank a whole 27 Oz from my water bottle (infused with ginger right now) before work and haven't had any coffee yet.

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Forgot that I also had a little avocado with breakfast. 1/4 a small one but some of it was bad so it was a little less. Either way breakfast stuck with me! When I walked into work I realized that we now have corn fritters on our menu and they had put some up for us to try. Of course I was curious, but they will be on the menu for a while and honestly it's just fried corn, I can imagine what it tastes like and it can't be THAT good. M1 was finished a little after 10. I didn't even think about lunch until 3ish. At 315 I was feeling a headache coming on so I chugged more water and got into my soup. I LOVE my new thermos! The soup tasted so good and it was nice to have and not difficult to eat while working (we were pretty slow though). Then I ate my chicken and cabbage with a little mayo on the drive at 4 with the rest of my kombucha from yesterday.I had carrots, cherry tomatoes, and blueberries but I didn't really want either.


*About 1 cup of Paleo Leap sweet potato soup (I added spinach when I made it this time and while the immersion blender doesn't really like spinach, it's something I would do again)

*1 large chicken breast that was cooked in coconut oil and seasoned with garlic salt, dipped in mayo

*Very small amount of shredded cabbage (I got this taiwanese cabbage at United last week and I love it! It has a mild almost nutty flavor to it and I love the crunch. I need to pick up some more.)

*Half original kombucha

I've already drank 3 of my water bottles today!! It definitely helps having a bottle so I can see my progress and know my goal. Also, lemon and ginger are delicious together! Deating giving up coffee. I already drink it black and only have 1 cup. Half the time it doesn't even taste that good to me and I was fine waiting until I got to work today to have it. I will think about it and maybe wean myself off a little more down the road. No need to take on too much right now.

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Yea I didn't eat enough at lunch even though I felt full. By 7 I was hungry. I ate a few carrots, 4 olives and a hard boiled egg with a small dollop of mayo. Thought I'd be good for a while but by 9 I was having trouble getting dinner made, feeding the dog, and not biting matt's head off. He asked if I was grumpy because I was hungry and I kind of thought that was ridiculous, but I do feel better after dinner so I guess that was it. Or maybe my hormones are really screwed up because I want to cry for no reason sitting here. I didn't take my pill last night and I think sometimes that affects me. Going to make some tea, try to get a good night sleep and hopefully feel better tomorrow.

Day 2 meal 3

*Kind of stir fry so I ended up with about 1/4 head of riced cauliflower topeed with 1 chicken breast, one orange pepper, 1/4 large onion all flavored with salt pepper and coconut aminos

*Realized I didn't have a fat other than the coconut oil I cooked in so I had about half a container of blueberries in a few oz of coconut milk along side it

Drank 4 fills of my 27 Oz water bottle sl far :)

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Feel better than last night. Not amazing but better. Even apologized to matt for hating him for no reason last night. But I slept terribly! Bailey has recently decided she has to sleep in the bed with us, more specifically in between my legs or right behind them. Yea every time I move she growls, Matt wakes up and we all get annoyed. My back is killing me right now from trying to avoid moving all night and from letting her have half of the king sized bed to herself. Something is going to have to change.

Day 3 M1

*Same egg casserole as yesterday though a slightly smaller portion

*Couple leftover roasted carrots

*About a thumb of homemade mayo (This was the last of this batch. I had forgotten lemon so I used ACV instead and I like it so much I may just continue to do it this way.)

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So I was in traders grabbing a few things and I found myself thinking "oh matt doesn't like Brussels sprouts", and "I don't think mel will eat chicken sausages." Or even "how much tenderloin do I need if char and Dan are both around for dinner and what night will they be around." I think I was worrying I'm my sleep what I'm making and when and who I should share with. I need to remind myself that while I like taking care of people and it's great if I can share some healthy meals with everyone (especially mel and matt), I am doing this whole 30 for me! I need to not stress about making meals work for everyone especially in the beginning here.

Day 3 meal 2 will be

*Well fed chocolate chili over spaghetti squash and topped with cabbage and sliced avacado

Had other thoughts for lunch but I'm really glad I pulled this out of the freezer because I love it and think it will be a very enjoyable and filling meal!

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Diarrhea came about 45 min after lunch. The bad kind where you get the chills and feel like you might fall over at the same time :( I'm assuming it was the large amount of raw cabbage I kept adding to the chili (I just love the crunch). I'm sure I consumed more than a cup. Of course the veggies in my meal plan for the near future include broccoli, Brussels sprouts, raw pepper, and cauliflower all of which I know are supposed to be hard on the stomach. Maybe I'll find energy to roast some zucchini for tonight instead of Brussels. I also hope that I can find my digestive enzymes from last time (and that they are in date).

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OK Cbg, your soups all sound super yummy!  Care to share your recipes? ;)


Also, sorry for your tummy troubles.  Those are no fun.  That's some of the magic of the Whole 30, I think--we get to try foods that make us healthier and evaluate their effects on us and tweak what we eat during the upcoming meals.  Nuts and nut butters are my GI upset foods.  If I try to eat just one serving every day, GI upset, bloating, gas, etc.  But if I eat them 2-3 times per week, no GI upset.  Hope you feel better soon!!

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Ooh I'm going to have to try your toppings on my next bowl of chili. Sounds kind of odd but delicious and I currently have about 3 more servings in the freezer. Now I want it again tomorrow :)

As for the soups yea they are awesome, and I used to strongly dislike soup. I think because I thought it was just bland broth with mushy veggies or creamy and delicious but not worth the upset stomach. (Ive known I have trouble with dairy for quite some time.) But between homemade bone broth and coconut milk, I'm realizing how wonderful soups can be. I'm terrible with technology so I have no idea how to link but the sweet potato soup is from Paleo Leap and is super simple! I found it just from googling because I bought way too many sweet potatoes for thanksgiving and was looking for the easiest/yummiest/healthiest thing to do with them. The zucchini one is another one of mel js wonderful creations. It's the silky gingered zucchini. My boyfriend and I both found it a little spicy, but honestly I may have been distracted when making it and added more pepper than I meant. Or we are just total wimps. I just added coconut milk and it was fine. I'm going to be looking into more soups shortly!

You are so right about the magic of the whole 30. It truly is a learning experience!

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After my upset stomach I wasn't sure I'd be wanting dinner. I ate lunch about 3. At 7:45 I found myself thinking "oh I've got chicken yay." So around 8:

Day 3 M3

*2 chicken legs and a little more meat pulled from the breast (simply cooked with olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic)

*Oven roasted zucchini drizzled with olive oil and garlic salt (about 1/2 a good sized zucchini)

*Roasted butternut squash drizzled with olive oil and garlic salt (I made 3 TJ's bags total and then ate a little less than 1/4 of that so idk how much it actually was)

*3 Almond stuffed olives (I grabbed the jar for a fat but writing it out and knowing that legs are fatty I don't think I really needed them. Plus I was stuffed and couldn't eat more of them despite the fact that they were quite tasty)

I roasted a whole chicken today (which I've done many times) but I was really proud of the way I cleaned all the meat off the bones. Silly, but I used to eat what was visible and then just be intimidated by the rest. But you better believe I'm getting all that good stuff off of there now (and then saving the bones for broth.)

Drank 4 fills of my water bottle with lemon and ginger today.

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Slept ok but has really weird dreams. Not food related but still bizarre. Woke up terribly stuffy and with a sore throat. Yuck. I wish I had made more soup. That's all that sounds good. Anyway breakfast will be

Day 4 M1

*I mixed together an onion, a bag of TJ's shaved Brussel sprouts, a pound of ground pork, some pork spices, and a few splashes of coconut milk. Put on top of shredded sweet potatoes.

I need to get better at figuring out my portion sizes. In something like that, or a casserole, I feel like it's a enough veggies, but maybe it isnt. Should I do the math when I divide it up to make sure I'm getting a big enough portion? I know measuring is wrong, but how do you know what 1 to 3 cups is? Something to look into/think about.

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Breakfast was about 9:15. Lunch started about 2:15 and over the hour I ate

Day 4 M2

*Last few bites of sweet potato soup (like 5 or 6 bites)

*About 15 cherry tomatoes (I think the red are better than the yellowish)

*About 1 whole raw orange pepper

*Homemade chicken salad with meat pulled from whole roasted chicken, red grapes, celery, a few pecans, and homemade mayo. (Could have used more seasoning maybe a little mustard but it was very good.)

I was eating my salad and just kept thinking "mmm I love this lunch thing." Haha yea this is something I need to keep making a priority for myself.

After work I was out running errands and decided that since I've been feeling yucky I should really treat myself to some bone broth. Yes, I have some turkey broth in the freezer, and beef broth in the crockpot but Bolyards is just so good! I want to work there just to steal their recipes. Had the chicken this time. I think I liked the spices in the pork a bit more, but this was warm, delicious and good for me!

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Day 4 M3 at 7:30

*BIG salad of romaine and cabbage topped with 1/2 small avocado, 1/2 small apple, about 7 dried figs, a couple chopped pecans, cilantro, and about 1/3 of the pan of 1pound ground turkey and one onion. Drizzled very lightly with coconut oil. (Didn't really need much dressing with all those flavors. Also didn't miss the honey mustard I usually enjoy with this salad)

*About 1.5 cups last night's leftover zucchini and butternut squash (ate the zucchini separately, but the squash mixed really well into the salad)

Salad looked way too big, but I ate and enjoyed every last bite :)

Lost track of water consumption but it was very close to if not more than 4 bottles full. Must go to sleep soon.

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Went to sleep last night a little after 11. Woke up once to pee then woke up for good around 8:50 (before alarm). Is there such a thing as too much sleep? Once I start feeling better I swear I'll get up and work out again. At 9 am I drank a mug of beef bone broth. (Didn't gel much, but neither did my turkey in the crockpot. But the flavor was great! I added a splash of red boat fish sauce and a little ginger along with my other veggie scraps. I want to go drink the rest of it.)

Day 5 M1 (9:45)

*same as yesterday with an egg added

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Day 5 M2 2:30

*One hard boiled egg

*Same chicken salad as yesterday

*Maybe 5 cherry tomatoes

*About 3/4 raw orange pepper

Stomach was feeling a little gassy and the pepper wasnt really working for me so lunch was too light on veggies. I was wishing I had a dipping for the egg and peppers, but since I had mayo and nuts in my chicken I didnt need more fat. Guacamole, olive tapenade, mayo, and sunshine sauce are great but I dont always need another fat. Mustard is really the only thing I can think of, but im sure if I search I can find some good spreads.

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M3 7:15

*Ended up with a salad/bowl of sorts that contained about 1/4 head riced cauliflower, portion of carnitas, handful of romaine, couple handfuls of cabbage, 8 black olives, half a small avacado, a couple cherry tomatoes, lots of cilantro, and a few spoonfuls of compliant salsa.

The carnitas was the recipe I have on pinterest that uses tenderloin in the crockpot. It's really easy but maybe a little dry. I need to try the Well Fed carnitas, and find another way to do pork tenderloin.

Currently drinking my 4th fill of my water bottle (with mint right now) and thinking I might make a mug of tea while I relax on the couch with Netflix.

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Had trouble falling asleep last night. Finally did sometime after midnight. Woke up at 8:30 to pee and wasn't feeling being up yet so went back to sleep until a little after 9:30.

Day 6 M1 10:30

*2.5 eggs scrambled with a splash of coconut milk and handful spinach

*2 slices sugar free turkey bacon (not bad but probably won't buy again - unless I'm really wanting bacon and hate the pedersons)

*Few slices leftover roasted zucchini

*Half small sweet potato drizzled with ghee and cinnamon (done in the microwave which is fine if necessary, but far from my favorite texture)

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Michelle asked me to work tonight around 1 which left me rushing to get everything done that I wanted before work but I did it (though the kitchen is now a mess). So I ate lunch later than I wanted (it was honestly kind of tough to get it together bc I was hungry).

M2 3:30

*Mug of broccoli soup (broccoli, broth, garlic, and a little coconut milk - not crazy about it but it works)

*Salad throw together of 2 handfuls of romaine, ground turkey with onions, 5 figs, 1/4 an apple, maybe half a cup of butternut squash, 8 walnuts drizzled with warm coconut oil

Hoping tonight won't be too busy but I have 2 hard boiled eggs, a few roasted carrots and a glob of mayo packed if I need a snack. Also hoping I'll get a piece of salmon for dinner, but I have fall backs if that doesn't work out.

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Started getting a headache at work, but it was helped by chugging water. For some reason I seem to have trouble drinking water when im at home, but not at work. Weird.

At one point I was carrying a glass of wine and thought that drinking it did not sound appealing at all. Also weird.I sort of feel like in times when I don't drink it just becomes part of what I do. Much like when I am drinking it's just part of what I do. I don't really think about it. If that makes any sense. Of course I like drinking, but it's really not that hard for me to not and I need to be more mindful about when I chose to.

At 8ish I ate one of my hard boiled eggs belapse I had a minute, but felt I could have waited until dinner. I was wrong, and I should have eaten my entire snack. By the time I got home at 10 I was feeling ravenous and moody. But matt made dinner and I supplemented (bc he didn't care about veggies) and it was delicious.

Day 6 M3

*Salad of romaine and spinach topped with tomatoes, artichokes, red onion, and pine nuts. Originally topped with balsamic but that wasn't doing it for me so I added a glob of mayo

*Handful roasted carrots

*Mix of salmon, grouper, scallops and calamari in marinara (Matt made sure to check the tomatoes they use in their sauce for me)

I bought strawberries but didn't get them on the table with dinner and then felt like eating them after would be too dessert like so I skipped it. I still managed to get in 4 of my water bottles even though I really didn't start drinking until like 3.

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Went to sleep around 1 am. Woke up once with bailey moving around 3:30. She stated in one spot for the most part last night and was much better than Tuesday night. Woke up at 730 to pee and didn't really get back to a deep sleep again before my alarm at 9:20. Woke up with headache, sore throat, and blood shot eyes but they seem to be getting better as the morning goes on. I wish I had more bone broth but I used the last for my soup. And the but at home is needed for my roast! It seems to be going faster than I can make it. Breakfast will be at 10:15

Day 7 M1

*About 1/4 casserole containing 5 eggs, 1 pound ground turkey, 1 shredded sweet potato, an onion, half a large zucchini,about 4 oz coconut milk and a handful of mushrooms

Reading that I think I may put some mayo on top. It's Sunday and even though it's 8 degrees outside yes 8, I could get busy working my lunch shift.

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So I really need to figure out my lunch situation. Around 2 I was thinking food sounded nice, but wasn't quite ready to get it. I think 2:45 I grabbed my broccoli soup, but then we sort of did cuts and I didn't have time to go downstairs to get my lunchbox. So it was like 4 or so by the time I ate and even then I didn't eat enough. I was feeling amazing all day. Literally singing and dancing and just cheerful with everyone. When I got hungry I just got tired and less cheerful. I was still in a good mood, but I did feel a significant drop in energy.

Day 7 M2

*Thermos full of broccoli soup

*2 hard boiled eggs dipped in mustard

*3 oz smoked salmon (well maybe 2 or 2.5 bc of course Andrew needed a piece. Also, I wish I had bought more of this when I found it reasonably priced without sugar at aldi)

Then I went to Rebecca's for Dominic's birthday party. The Kriegers wings smelled so good, I love dominoes, and I thought about having a spoon of the guacamole that looked tasty, but I sipped the 2 la Croix I brought with me and was fine. Side note, the apricot is oddly delicious, though coconut will always be my fave. I didn't stay long, but not drinking there wasn't as weird as it could have been. I'm glad I wenot by. I came home from the party and had to get food in my face so I made a salad while I put away my groceries and such.

Day 7 M3

*Bowl of romaine with handful cherry tomatoes and tessamaes Caesar dressing

*Spaghetti squash topped with well fed chili (as always made with xtra carrots, zucchini, and peppers) a little leftover pulled pork (bc the portion of meat looked a little small), 5 cherry tomatoes, 6 black olives, 1/4 small avacado, small spoon of mayo, and a handful of cabbage

OMG this was such a weird combo but it was sooooo good. I meant to eat carrots also, but I got so into my chili I forgot. Can I open up the chili I have in the freezer and top it with pork also? Or add pulled pork to all my chili when I cook it from now on? Or was I just really hungry?

Lost track of my water bottle consumption but I'm pretty sure it was 3. Plus I had 2 la Croix and 2 mugs of water. Also half kombucha this morning

I feel great right now and am feeling really capable! It's going to be a fabulous week.

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So I got up early to put a roast in the crockpot, had it all seared and seasoned only to realize that the power wasn't fully working. I wasn't going to trust the crockpot if the microwave took 5 minutes to get my breakfast somewhat warm. It came back on pretty quickly supposedly and char got the roast going on her lunch, but I wanted that for dinner right now! Debating if pot roast and green beans will work in a thermos for lunch tomorrow. Also lunch was WAY too light because I just knew I would be taking the cut and would be home for lunch, but then we had to go see kates baby. (Yea I want one tomorrow please. So let's keep this up.) I know that life happens so I should always always always have a backup plan and pretty much always carry a full lunch with me.

Day 8 M1 9:15

*Casserole from before with shredded sweet potato, ground pork, onion, shaved Brussels, splash of coconut milk and a little mayo


*1 hard boiled egg dipped in mustard

*1/4 apple with packet cashew butter (yum - buy more, or maybe dont)

*2oz smoked salmon (don't take this to mission you won't get enough for yourself)

*1/4 (maybe) of a raw orange pepper

In the car at about 5 I ate about 3 bites of the epic mix that is in the car.

M3 6:30

*Mug of broccoli soup

*Last couple bites of cauliflower rice topped with last portion of pulled pork

*Roasted carrots

*Dollop of mayo

Have only had 3 water bottles (I just broke the cap today :( I might need a new one) but it is still early.

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