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Is this normal for day 2? Please help


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Today is day 2. I woke up feeling good but by noon I was feeling like I might have a stomach bug or something as well as a headache. I'm so nauseous I haven't been able to eat and also had some diarrhea. I am also getting hot and then really cold. I know day 2 is supposed to be bad but is this bad normal? I was eating a lot of sugar until yesterday.

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Prooooobably coming down with something, is my guess.  Not normal symptoms, no.


Sometimes when people start Whole30 their immune system takes a back seat to other changes going on and little bugs can sneak in.  Do the best you can and get some rest.

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That sounds like the beginning of a bug or something but if you were really hard on sugar previous to today, it could be detox.

Keep trying to eat template meals (egg salad, scrambled eggs, soup with soft veggies) and drink lots of water!


You can take a Tylenol for the headache and if necessary Imodium for the loose stools to help get you feeling better, just don't skip eating and drinking... that's only going to make it worse.

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