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Bella's journey to getting her energy back


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Ok so I came a bit late to the game, I'm on day 5 here and just started my blog.


I've given up coffee for the whole 30, mainly because I drink too much of it and rely on it as a crutch. My real demon is however sugar, generally in the form of chocolate, I can't get enough of it and I'm so out of control that I will eat cooking chocolate if we have no other chocolate in the house (I liken myself to an alcoholic who hits the cooking sherry). 

I've been paleoish for about 5 years, I say ish because sometimes I am strict and other times its hot mess eating whatever.

I've completed a few whole 30's and use them as a kick start to getting sugar under control and returning to healthy eating.

I was given Pete Evans cook book for xmas and decided that I really needed a good kick in the butt and was going back to paleo. 


So the first two days were hell, I ached and I was sore all over, my head was pounding and I had a sort of sciatic pain from my hips and a month old rolled ankle flared up hurting, I blame the coffee withdrawals.


this whole 30 I've decided that our BBQ is my best friend and I've been grilling meat and veg like no body's business, I have 2 children and so dinner for them has been whole 30 compliant and breakfast usually has been as well, their lunch has been grain but snacks have been fruit and nuts, so thats a win. I find I get the best results with them if I make slow changes, its less noticeable. 



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