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Chelsea's First Whole 30


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Hi everyone and/or just myself,

This is my first whole30 and I'm excited about it and feeling pretty determined. I saw the blog option here and I wanted to do it since I loved blogging when I was on weight watchers and the community really helped there.

So, I'm actually finishing day 5 today, but I didn't know this blogging option was here so I'll do a quick recap of days 1 through 5.

Day 1: terrible with bad luck

I know day 1 is supposed to be good and easy but I just wanted to start so I wasn't prepared. I did end up meal prepping but some of it didn't work out. Also, I cut my thumb while cleaning my ninja. On the bright side, I successfully made butternut squash soup!

Days 2-3: zZzZz

I wasn't awake for most of these two days because I was SO tired. I pretty much just ate and slept. I did meal prep some more and had some delicious taco meat on spinach with lots of other veggies. I also remade asparagus since it was the only truly delicious thing I ate day 1 and I wanted to repeat that.

Day 4: only minor killing of all the things

I felt pretty good. Only got a little angry once and that was when I was in the car and my boyfriend for wendy's. I had said he could but then I got moody. Other than that, the day was good. I also tried to roast my own cashews but I don't think they turned out that tasty. They are kind of soft from soaking them as was suggested on one website I went to. It's a weird texture.

Day 5: Nausea Galore

I'm wondering if my body is speeding through the timeline because today I had no appetite, tons of nausea, and diarrhea. I did manage to eat 3 meals but for dinner I couldn't bear the thought of cooking meat so I went to whole foods and got epic bars. They are delicious and didn't make my nausea worse! It was just what I needed! So I'm still on plan, but I really wish I could have crackers to settle my stomach. If anyone has advice for how to settle my stomach while being compliant, I'm all ears!

Hope to check in tomorrow! Thanks for reading!

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 I really wish I could have crackers to settle my stomach. If anyone has advice for how to settle my stomach while being compliant, I'm all ears!



Ginger or peppermint tea might help with the nausea. Food wise, maybe something like a baked sweet potato with just some coconut or olive oil and salt, plain scrambled eggs, or grilled chicken (basically, fairly bland, easily digestible foods). Sipping on broth may also be helpful. 

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Thanks! I had sweet potatoes and just did my best yesterday and stayed compliant and for whatever magical reason the nausea is gone today! I couldn't be happier! Except I can because I have a non-scale victory to post!

Today, for the first time in over a month, I worked out with my personal trainer and didn't have a blood sugar crash halfway through or feel faint! This is so huge for me and I'm so excited!

No nausea, appetite is back, and I'm feeling good. So glad I made it through yesterday and thanks for y'all's help and encouragement. Hopefully I am through all the bad parts of the whole30 and can start on all the good parts! Even if not, though, I know I can do this!

Good luck Geralyn5, you got this!

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So this morning, I felt a bit of Tiger in my blood. I felt like dancing and singing and rocked out to a classic rock Playlist on amazon. :)

I don't think I had enough fat at lunch because I ran out of avocado for my taco meat and spinach meal, so after I got my hair done, I went to whole foods and bought even more groceries. I need to watch my spending or whole30 will turn into broke30.

I was hangry when I got home so I had a quick pre workout snack and then worked out. I had a post workout meal and dinner and I felt pretty good about today because I did dishes, shopped, got my hair cut, did laundry, and worked out. A very productive day. :)

I'm feeling pretty strong and can't believe I'm a quarter of the way done starting tomorrow. Tomorrow is day 8 and I feel like I'm killing it! Hope everyone else is feeling the same, or at least feeling successful, even if they are still in the miserable stages of the first week.

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