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Sconnie's First W30


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I guess I'll log this post so that when I feel the need to post an update, I have somewhere to go.  :-)


This is my first Whole 30. I learned about it during winter break and read "It Starts with Food" in three days. I was completely fascinated by it! A friend of mine said she was going to commit 1/4/16 so I said I'd do it too. I spent so many hours during my time off of work reading the cookbook and the awesome logs on this website - the resources and people out here are FANTASTIC! Even my son and husband want to try it out.


I ended up starting two days early on 1/2. So now I guess I'm day four. Things are going fine. Yesterday afternoon I was very tired but resisted the urge to drink a diet coke like I usually do. (Dang the office routines we can get ourselves into!) I made it through. It was interesting what evolved .... my friend who started the program yesterday said that she was going to have a snack of a banana and almond butter. But sadly, my lunch box at work was empty by that time. I was famished and sluggish and starting to feel like the run I wanted to take last night wasn't going to happen. Well, I opted instead to stop at a whole foods store on the way home to get a banana and almond butter and if that wasn't the best healthy snack I've had lately, well tell me of other ideas!  :D  I was still a bit hungry when I got home so had a small portion of chicken and then BAM just like that I was fine. An hour later I got a decent run in and I felt fantastic. 


So far I'm very encouraged by the W30....but I also realize there are likely some tougher days ahead!


Cheers to all of us wanting to improve our health, mind and spirit! Food can affect our mentality in awful ways....but also in really good ways. It feels good to make good decisions, doesn't it?! That's what we've got to do. As the saying goes - You are what you eat! 

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Sconnie, I had to come check this out because I've been so impressed with all of your intensive preparation.


I have to warn you that a banana and almond butter is very, very far from an optimal snack.  You may have read in the book (assuming it was ISWF) that your body's reaction to those sweet, fruit-based carbs and the fat of the nut butter is very much the same as if you had ingested a candy bar.  The sugar from the fruit can cause an insulin spike and lead to increased cravings and "fake" hunger later on.  It's easy to go overboard on nut butter, and it's NOT an optimal fat source (intake of nuts and seeds is recommended to be limited during Whole30).


IF you feel the need to snack (and hopefully your meals are filling enough that you don't), the optimal recommendation is a mini template meal with protein, fat and carbs, and at a minimum, protein and fat.  The least desirable combination is fat and carbs (a.k.a. banana and nut butter).  Pre-workout snack recommendation is lean protein with an optional fat (think a hard-boiled or hard-cooked egg or a few bites of meat with olives or mayo).  Post-workout snack recommendation is lean protein and starchy carbs (no fat).  Fruit is not recommended as optimal (applesauce-eggwhite recipe notwithstanding) pre- or post-workout.  Your 1-2 servings of fruit per day should be included as part of overall template meals and should NOT replace veggies on your plate.


I've been in your shoes!  In the early days of my Whole30 I was having apples with almond butter "balls" (almond butter mixed with shredded coconut and chopped dried apricots).


But I won't just leave you hanging with tough love.


Good snack/emergency food ideas include: mini portions of your favourite meals; Epic bars (check labels for compliance); tinned sardines with celery sticks; hard-boiled eggs with carrot sticks; egg-salad lettuce wraps; deli slices (compliant) rolled up with avocado and julienned veggies inside; etc.


Hope this helps!  I'm a recovering nut butter addict, lol.  I recommend packets of coconut butter (built-in portion control) as a superior fat source.






P.S. - I think you're really going to kill this Whole30 and I hope your husband and son join you!

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Lauren - you're the BEST! I was hoping you and/or some of the other advanced members and/or moderators I've met out here would see my post. Thank you so much for your feedback! I do remember reading about the warning about fruits but figured since it was pre-workout it would be a boost to my workout. Because both bananas and almond butter are both on the "okay" list, I figured that was a good snack to pull together. Fortunately I didn't feel an insulin spike or hunger later on - yesterday ended up being another really good day. I've been really good about eating lots of vegetables and proteins and some fat sources too - usually a 1/2 avocado or olives are my extra fats of choice. Mmmmmm.....olives...........I could eat an entire jar......but no worries - I won't.  


Fortunately for me, I'm so motivated by this that giving up that snack is not a big to me AT ALL....and thanks for your snack suggestions....except for that recommendation on sardines.....that one might take a while.  :lol:


Today went really well also. I again felt a little some issues with my attention span in the afternoon, so that will likely be my challenging time. But all in all, I'm getting through things okay SO FAR. No headaches...and this afternoon I wasn't super tired like I was yesterday. Today I wasn't feeling famished in the afternoon - probably because I increased my fats a bit in my meal choices today. My meals were again solid. But I admit - I did eat another banana with almond butter before my late afternoon run. Dang it! But I hadn't seen your message.....so we'll just call it done and move on. 


Talk to you later - 

- Heather

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Hi Heather! :wave: (wait, no wave emoticon here).  I was completely guessing your name would have been "Connie." :)


I've learned to love green olives.  I actually deliberately buy them with pits so that I can't just inhale them.  But my TRUE love now is coconut in all its many forms.  My top fat sources now are coconut, avocadoes and EVOO (extra virgin olive oil).  My go-to cooking fats are lard or ghee.


Yes, absolutely learn and move on.  I was eating the apple and almond butter ball pre-WO.  Switching over to lean protein pre-WO was a complete paradigm shift for me; I came from the school of pre-WO cabs.


Carry on!



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Hi Heather!


I'm a first time Whole30 and on Day 18 (YAY!).  Have you done another round and what were the biggest challenges to reintroduction?


p.s. I'm a native Wisconsinite transplanted to Texas.

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