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If you have opted for the Whole30 Daily:


  • the emails start with Day 0 so make sure you sign up in advance of your Day 1 to receive full benefit
  • if you are across the world from the US, sign up to receive them one day in advance so they arrive on the day you are actually on
  • if you have issues with or need help with your subscription, email [email protected]
  • if you aren't receiving the emails, first check your spam, "promotions" and "social" tabs in your email (especially for gmail clients)
  • please do not republish any portion of the daily emails.  They are a gift that you have given yourself and are a paid product.  Any republishing of their content will be immediately deleted.

UPDATE: the daily emails were phased out when the Whole30 Day by Day was released. The cost of the book is similar to the cost of the emails but includes more motivation and support. 

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