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Previously Paleo, Rookie Whole30


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I've done Paleo before. It was hard, but honestly, it was easier to just not eat the foods that I was addicted to instead of having to deal with moderation (A pinch of cheese? I'm sure you meant a cup). It was during my Primal period that I lost the most and was at my lowest weight since high school, which, ironically enough, was still not my goal weight. But then it got hard and I quit. Gained back two times my previously dropped pounds and even invited an autoimmune disorder along for the party (ITP). This time around, things have got to change.


I need to drop about 60 pounds.


I need to get out of my comfort zone.


I need to stop going to the doctor every week.


I need my platelets to stay up.


I need to stop paying $40 a week in copays.


I need to run a 5k like I've been saying I want to for years.


I need to go to Bonnaroo this year and not worry about taking medications.


I need to be able to be comfortable in my own skin.


There's a lot of things that need to happen with me. Instead of this being a phase with me, like all the other times, this time, I need it to last. 



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One of the things I like most about Whole30 is the thinking. Does this food make me feel healthier or not?


I was a long time low carb person, spent a lot of time in ketosis, I lost a lot of weight but really struggled to keep it off and my health just continued to go downhill, year after year.


Whole30 changed everything for me, I found out some foods really hold back my health and I'm much happier without them :)


You can do this! Keep a log and track all the NSV (Non Scale Victories) too :)

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