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Sorry, but this is about constipation


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Day 31 for me was Monday — yes, I did my Whole30 over the holiday season, and yes, I adhered strictly to it, and yes, I am damn proud — but now, I'm worried.


I introduced rice at lunch on Monday, with sushi. No soy sauce, no wasabi, no anything else — just rice and fish. Not much of it, either. No issues. I had a glass of wine that night. Delicious (but yeah, that headache)


I had quinoa on Tuesday at lunch, 1/3 of a cup (cooked). Everything else compliant. Felt fine in the immediate after-hours.


I had two glasses of wine with friends, and I had one tiny chicken skewer, probably 1/2 ounce of chicken — but coated in some kind of peanut sauce (in which there was no doubt also sugar).


My niece gave me a miniature Twix bar, the size of half my index finger, and I ate that too.


This morning, I was more constipated than I've ever been in my life. I had no cramps or stomach pain, but everything else about that was painful. Now I'm tired, sluggish, not hungry, and my stomach is a little gurgley. 


Is this likely to be a rice issue? A quinoa issue? I'd be shocked, to be honest, but maybe? I'm suspecting it's not sugar but maybe it is?


I'm just trying to guess work here. I'm going back to being compliant for a few days, because man, that was no fun.

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Unfortunately because you have eaten a number of off-plan foods since you finished on Tuesday (rice, quinoa, sugar, alcohol & possibly sulphites in your wine, wheat, dairy & possibly soy in the twix) it is difficult to determine what the problem might be, or even if it is food related at all.

I'd agree that you should go back to Whole30 eating until you are feeling better & then follow a more formal reintroduction process, allowing two days in between each food group.

Hopefully you're feeling better soon.

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