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And so we're back to sqaure one


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So I did whole30 back in August 2014, was going great and afterwards even made some half hearted attempts to do it again. I've not only fallen off the wagon, but got ran over and buried. It's been a downward spiral from there, I've done great with going to the gym, but can't seem to stick to my meal plans, I'm always 'cheating', adding things to my meals I shouldn't, and just generally feeling 'ick'. 


Sooooo I had a thought, why not do a real no shit whole30 again, reset myself and possibly set myself up to better follow my meal plans from my trainer? That way I'm not wasting his time, nor my time and money. 


Here I am :) close to 180 lbs, unhappy, and taking the proverbial bull by the horns and taking that motherf----r down. 



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