Guilty : unknowingly!

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I am so bummed!


I'm on Day3 , and feeling very poor! I have a severe headache with brain fog and nausea. However, for me that is an accomplishment , it makes me feel as though i've been doing well, the right thing! AND then today, I found out I've cheated without knowing. I am super bummed about it, simply because psychologically, I hate that I am technically "starting over" tomorrow.


I was SO excited when I found compliant peanut butter......until I realized I can't have peanuts or peanut butter! I somehow missed that HUGE red flag. What a bummer.


Sad Day!

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Aw, that sucks!  Would it be less demoralizing if you were now doing a Whole33 instead of having to start over?


Check out the rules and the Can I Have document linked below too so that you don't make a similar mistake.  You can also google the Whole30 common additives list which you may want to take with you to the grocery store.

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