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Freezing Roasted Red Pepper Sauce


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Hey All!  I'm new to the forums.  My question is with the Roasted Red Pepper Sauce.  It appears if you do not use it within 2 days you have to throw it out.  Has anyone tried freezing it?


I haven't frozen this particular one, but I have yet to find a sauce that's not freezeable at all. Some aren't any good "raw" once defrosted, but you can still use them on some ground meat and zoodles or anything where they get heated up.


I've even frozen mayo in ice cube form, handy to throw a cube into a sauce that needs a bit of extra fat, but I wouldn't "defrost it". If it's an oily sauce, it will make your ice cube trays oily, so you may want to use different ones than the ones you use for ice.

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