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Finished my first Whole 30


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Did my analysis last night at the gym and I must say I am pleased. Lost 12 lbs & 5% body fat. I'll take it :) Two weeks in I was having people tell me I looked like I'd lost weight. It's always a great feeling when people are noticing.

Other than the weight loss, I think all my other changes have been less dramatic. I've never had problems sleeping, but I do feel that on the W30, I'm sleeping "harder". I have a knee that I hurt snow skiing several years ago & I sometimes "feel" it when I'm doing a certain class at the gym...I've noticed it less since I started the W30. I've also noticed I have more energy in my classes at the gym, which makes me do more, which in turn burns more calories. It's a vicious cycle that I love!

I'll be continuing into May with the W30 plan. I went to On the Border last night, had my little splurge (margarita) and will be back on track tomorrow. At this point, I have no desire to add anything back in, my body feels good with what I'm doing right now.

This venture has been supported by my 21 year old son who is dabbling in fitness competitions. It's fun to see him looking through the recipes and helping decide what we're having for supper. The non W30 husband has eaten everything we've cooked without complaint. Now if I can just get him to come on over to the wild side....

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