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Antibiotics. Probiotics and Diarrhoea (Diarrhea)


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So, I had an infected insect bite that needed antibiotics *sigh* a couple of weeks ago.

I've been hit and miss with the probiotics, but took one last night and had to come home from the shops today (without all I needed) as I had a really poorly tummy. Got home and diarrhoea... It's like when I used to have IBS before going low carb/paleo.

Now, I'm unsure if it's something that I've eaten or if it's the probiotics.

What's the likelihood it the probiotics?

FWIW, I also had diarrhoea when I started the course of antibiotics.

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I tend to have diarrhea every time I begin to take probiotics. With some I get past the diarrhea after a few days, with some I give up before the diarrhea stops. Maybe the longest I went before stopping was 7 days.

When I first began drinking kombucha, which is a probiotic, I had diarrhea for 2 days and then everything was better. I drink kombucha every day now.

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