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I haven't wanted to spend over $3US on a can of tuna, so I've been checking everywhere to see if I can hunt down an affordable can of tuna in water. 


They all had vegetable broth and listed soy in the allergen warnings. 


Until last night


I was in Walmart (mainly for cat food, please don't judge) and, for kicks, checked out the canned tuna. Looked at a can of  "very low sodium" tuna and all the ingredients listed tuna and water! Less than $2 a can in the Northeastern US as of yesterday. 


So while brands may vary by region, and so I'm not mentioning the brand, I just thought it might be helpful for newbies on a budget (like me!) to have in the back of your mind to take a look at the regular ol' brands of tuna in a low sodium option. I can add salt to my tuna. I don't mind.  :D

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If you can't find any in your bigger stores, Italian or European delis/grocers may have some, either in brine (salty water) or olive oil.


I often find tiny cans there, perfect for travelling.

Yeah, I've never seen soy in our tuna here - unless it's in some kind of sauce.


Our options tend to be brine, spring water, olive oil or sunflower oil.

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It's not packaged in a soy product, but they put some kind of soy in the vegetable broth (apparently to give it flavor?). So many of the cans I looked at said blah blah tuna in spring water and in the ingredients listed Tuna, Water, Vegetable Broth and then in the allergen warning it says fish and soy.  :(

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I often get the case of Wild Planet tuna from Amazon subscribe & save. If you just order the 12 cans of tuna, the price works out to $3 a can. If you order at least 5 different items using Subscribe & Save, you get a 15% discount, and then the tuna works out to $2.54 a can.


Once you subscribe to an item you can set the frequency of shipments to as infrequently as "once every 6 months." If you decide you don't want to continue subscribing there is no obligation to continue.


Some other Whole30 things you can get from Subscribe & Save:


Big tub of coconut oil

Native Forest coconut milk

Avocado oil

Wild Planet wild sardines in water

5 lb bag of Swiss Water Processed decaf coffee





I haven't done a lot of price comparing on everything above, the convenience of having a case of tuna and coconut milk, etc delivered to my door is my driving motivation!

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