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The scale is calling me....


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I started on January 2 and have been doing really well with the program.

However, today the scale called me from its hiding place - yes I hid it!

Ugh. I just want to be reassured that this is working. I know it's only six days but I haven't been noticing too many "non scale" victories.

Darn you scale. This is tougher than I thought it would be!!!!

Just had to vent!! Lol

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Put it in the trunk of your car.  Or better yet your husband's/best friend's car.  Put it in the tool shed.  Pack it away with all your Christmas decorations. 







Read these ^^^^ when you're having a scale urge!

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Good for you for not getting on the scale! HUGE VICTORY! :)

I'm the kind of person that needs to see immediate results to stay focused as well! I'm just starting my first Whole30 this weekend and I'm really committed to doing well. I'm going to bring my scale to work and leave it there for the month in a hidden drawer! LOL


Try focusing on how you feel instead of what the scale says. You are just beginning, and from what I've read, this program DOES work :) give it time and try to listen to your body, I'm sure shortly you'll begin to notice the positive impact this is having on you :)

Stay strong! You can do this and you're going to feel AMAZING! Even if the scale doesn't drop a bunch, you will feel so clean and full of energy! Keep up the great work!

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