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First Whole30 - Start Date Jan 9/2015 - Looking for Support


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My name is Breanne. I'm new to the Whole30.

I've struggled with my relationship with food for my whole life - I'm an outgoing go-getter type of gal and I don't often let things stand in my way, but when it comes to my relationship with food, I can't seem to get a grip on it! I've been overweight for years and I have tried just about every fad diet there is - for the last few months I've been searching for something different, something more meaningful. I've done research on WHY I overeat, and WHY I feel powerless over my food choices and recently I stumbled across the Whole30 and it is EXACTLY what I need! :) I need to focus on health, not weight loss. I need to learn how to feed my body and take care of myself - once I do that, the rest will fall into place.

I'm so excited to get started on my Whole30 journey! I'm really hoping that by staying active on the Whole30 Forum it will give me a great support system (and allow me to support others as well, of course).


I've chosen January 9th as my start date. I have been reading and researching, meal planning and purging my pantry and fridge in order to prepare. I am very much looking forward to feeling healthy, without aches and pains, and most of all... feeling in control of what I'm eating and why.


To all of you beginning or continuing your Whole30 journey, GOOD LUCK :) WE CAN DO THIS! Have strength and believe in yourself - trust the process ;)


Breanne ​

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