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Southern girl, this is my first time!


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I finished my first week and I'm feeling pretty good about it. When I first heard of the whole 30, I said no way, no how. Well a year later and here I am. I want to feel better, enjoy good food, boost my energy and get control of my sugar demon. I'm in my fifties and suddenly I feel like I'm in someone elses body. My shape has changed, my hair is dense and scraggy and I feel like I have lost my zing! And yes I would like to loose some weight. My major battle for years has been headaches. Anyone out there share my feelings?

Major players this week: Eggs, salmon, beef, aka chilli, roasted chicken.

I am really enjoying leftovers for breakfast.

Biggest battles: headaches, sleep ( I have dreamt about eating sweets and having to start over,3 times.) When I wake up I'm so happy it was a dream and I am still on the right track.

Good luck to all the first timers and God bless.

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