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Nuts, Seeds, and dried fruit


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Well first off -- your meal after a workout is not a "snack", rather it's a post-WO meal. It should consist of carbs and protein. The goal is to replenish your fuel stores. Dried fruit has carbs, but also lots of fructose that does little to replenish glycogen in your hard-worked muscles.

Look for something like a glucose-packed sweet potato with chicken breast. Nuts are fatty, harder to digest, and can cause GI upset post workout. 


Eating quickly is not really the goal either. Enjoy your food! 


And as for your first question, this isn't a snack craving. Post WO meals are a highly recommended requirement.


Unless of course, you're snacking between meals and not post-WO. Then that's a snack craving. For that, starve it! Focus on eating more at your meals, don't continue to feed the snack habit. 



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See the Meal Template (link below) for what you should eat Pre and Post Workout. Don't skip these!


Get dried fruit, nuts and seeds out of your house if you have a problem. Sometimes it's the only way.


You may need to develop a strategy -- when you feel snacky, your plan is to leave the house for a walk or go read a book or take a shower. If you can distract yourself for 10 minutes, you will probably overcome it. If you're really truly hungry (steamed fish and broccoli sounds good and you would eat it) then eat a mini template meal.

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