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I hate left overs so i am brand new to freezing and storing things in the fridge.  Its probably why i eat out so much.  So i am looking for good resources on how to freeze and what to freeze, how long things can be in the fridge.  I want to start prepping really well and freeze things.


I know there are certain things you should do to avoid freezer burn.


I want to do this correctly because my aversion to left overs, i things fast and easy and tasting fresh.

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If it's leftovers or something you have too much of, I find a single serve is often more handy than some giant thing I need to defrost to get a single serve of veggies or protein.


Yep - I do a lot of cooking on the weekends, so I'm always freezing things I make in big batches.


Key for me is to freeze in single-serve portions. There is nothing as easy as opening the freezer and grabbing a serving of soup when you need a veg for your meal. When I'm really organized with planning ahead, I'll even take it out of the freezer and put it in the fridge the day before.

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