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Having trouble remembering to respect myself


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I have recently finished my first Whole30 and have gone completely off the rails! I am eating chocolate almost everyday, drinking and my skin has gotten sooo awful in just 7 days. I have no self restraint! To make matters worse I have IBS and my symptoms were almost none while doing my whole30 but now I am feeling terrible.

I need some pointers on getting back on track and respecting my self.. has anyone experienced similar problems? Does anyone have any advice? I think I am going to seek professional help because I realize that my problems are bigger than me, but support and advice always helps!!

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I'm so sorry that you are having a hard time and I think it's awesome you are seeking help. Good for you!! I don't have advice for you because I don't have the same issues, but I admire you for reaching out and wanted you to know that. I think if I were in your shoes, I'd jump right back into a Whole30 for now and continue to seek support both from professionals and from the community here.

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focus on the positives. each day write down the healthy things you did for yourself. some days will have more than others and thats ok. keep working at it one day at a time.

positive self talk can be the best thing for you in times like this.

Seeking help and gathering support...you are on the right track already!

Take care!

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I'd jump right back into the Whole 30 program...like right now. Seeking professional help is a great move if you think that is what you need but it can take a while to find someone and then wait on an appointment...you will feel better once you stop the binging and it will be easier for you to focus on finding the right kind of support.

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amandagrace, sounds like we're going through a similar patch.

finished my first Whole30 last month as well- did OK on my own for the first few weeks, but over the last 10 days or so, have gone completely off the rails. my skin is in a shocking state right now as well.. which sucks as at the end of my program, it was the best I'd ever seen it in a very long time.

decided today that I'm back on the Whole30 bandwagon. I know that I've got binge issues with food and need to work through them, but for now, I think that the best thing is to start eating nourishing foods again.. by feeling and looking better again, I think that the temptations won't be as great..

good luck to you!

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