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Horrible leg pains... almost gone!


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I don't know if I should post this as a success to Whole30 quite yet (since I haven't technically started), but I wanted to tell people about the health changes I've had over the past few months:


I came back to this forum about a week ago, after being absent for maybe a year or so.  I've done a few Whole30 in the past few years.  I've either been Paleo, gluten free Paleo, gluten/dairy free Paleo, dairy/grain free Paleo, dairy free vegetarian, grain/dairy free vegetarian, or vegan (not super strict with honey, eggs, etc) since 2011.  Sound crazy when I write it down.   :blink:


But, about 6-8 weeks ago I developed some pain and fatigue in my lower back.  It went down to my legs and up to my shoulders over time.  I first thought it was related to my mild scoliosis, but quickly decided it was more.  Lying down or sitting for periods of time made it so much worse.  Since my mom had polymyalgia rheumatica when she was about my age, I went to the MD on Wednesday for bloodwork (CRP and SED).


Bloodwork very normal, except for protein markers low normal.  But, inflammatory markers extremely healthy.


So, I had decided 2 days before my MD appointment to go back to Whole30 or even AIP eating.  I've greatly cut down on sugar (chocolate, especially), cut out coffee, ditched the vegan ways and tried to stay grain free since 1/7.


Pain:  almost gone!  Heaviness in my legs:  almost gone!  Horrendous stiffness upon waking:  almost gone!


I'm still not sure what I've done or not done to change this, but I'm thinking the beans, legumes, limited soy protein and grains I've been eating for the past 6 months have taken their toll?  Plus, the lack of utilizable protein.


So, that's my success!  If anyone else here tanked while being vegetarian or vegan (seriously, 6 months max and I tanked), I'd be interested in hearing your story.


Thanks!  I look forward to getting back to Whole30 when I get back from vacation on 1/19.  

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