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Day 20- 10 things I have learned


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I'm on day 20. I unknowingly ate Mango with evaporated cane sugar on it on day 17 or 18 but decided not to start over. 


What I have learned thus far:


1. Fruit is SO FREAKING SWEET. Whenever I have apples or pears now I cannot believe how sweet they taste.


2. Sugar is in everything. Everything.


3. Canola/Vegetable oils is EVERYWHERE. Even things that are marketed as olive oil often list canola oil as the first ingredient. 


4. Mel's recipes are amazing. They are easy to follow and turn out so freaking good.This is from someone who cannot cook. I wish I had started using them on day 1.


5. As someone who is essentially a vegetarian (ate a tiny bit of fish before this) I have actually started to consider eating chicken and turkey because it has started to sound/smell/look really good. I have not taken the plunge but I am close.


6. Coffee with coconut milk blended together is SO GOOD. I will definitely never go back to cream after this.


7. I realized how much I used to just kind of graze/snack throughout the day and never made meals and sat down to eat them. Even now I am struggling to do this but find it is a practice I want to try to make a habit in my life as I find it leads to more conscious eating and enjoyment. 


8. I really really really miss bread. It's probably the only thing that I truly miss. 


9. Giving up diet soda was incredibly easy and I don't know why i didn't do it YEARS ago.


10. I find it very very hard to eat a good breakfast in the morning despite the fact that I do feel better when I eat to the meal templates. I am just not hungry and/or don't want anything that isn't sweet...the struggle is real.

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