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Hi all,


New to the forums, so glad I finally decided to join! Have been doing lots of reading but this is my first post. 


We are in our mid 30's with two school-aged children. My husband and I started our Whole30 on Jan 4th. This is our second Whole30. We did one this time last year and had amazing results - after the 30 days, we chose to continue eating Paleo for a couple months but then life happened which gave us so many excuses to fall back in to old habits (I had surgery, my husband got a promotion and we had to move several hours away, our busy schedules with two kids, etc etc). You get the drill. 


As many people do for New Years, we discussed some things we'd like to do in 2016 and agreed we wanted to really make our health a priority. We'd both put on a lot of weight in the 2nd half of 2015 (and we were already overweight to begin with) and were starting to feel more aches and pains than ever before. 


So far so good! I pulled out some of our favourite recipes from last year to start off week 1. We made a weekly meal plan and made sure the bad stuff was mostly gone. We did keep a few things for the kids so we definitely have to be careful not to fall for convenience or temptation. We want to include our children in our healthy choices but not in a way that they will feel like it's not something they want to do. 


Although we're only 6 days in, I feel like I've definitely hit the "I want to eat ALL the cheeseburgers" phase. You know what I mean... I'm tired, cranky and all my joints ache. I constantly smell cheeseburgers wherever I go (my husband says for him it's fried chicken). My skin and hair is much more oily than normal and I'm breaking out in strange areas on my face that I've never had acne before. I'm assuming this is toxins leaving my body and hormones adjusting.

I know those things sound awful (especially to anyone who hasn't done this before) but if I remember correctly, very soon after this stage, I will begin to see the positive changes! My skin will be the softest it's ever been, I won't have the cravings anymore, I will have more energy and as a nice bi-product, some weight will drop (although I'm staying true to Whole30 and will not be weighing myself until the last day). 


Anyway, I'm looking forward to connecting with others who are on their whole30 right now as well. :)




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