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Does this sound like a sensitivity in my four month old?

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My husband and I started the Whole30 on January 1st. He wanted to because he sometimes feels gross after eating and I wanted to because our son who is four months and exclusively breastfed had some funny symptoms including a two month long cough, really smelly toots and pure liquid poop (every single poop).

Yesterday, on day nine, he had his first normal poop in months. I also realized he hasn't been coughing and his smelly toots are gone. Does it sound like he was sensitive to something in my diet? Also, is reintroduction the same if you are trying to monitor reactions in your breastfed infant?

If I had to guess if he had a sensitivity to anything it would be dairy or gluten since I have lactose intolerance, celiac, milk protein allergies and gluten intolerance in my family.


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