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Starting February 2nd!


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Hello everyone!  :)


My name is Rebecca(27) and I was told about this program from a dear friend, Nancy. 


First things first, the reason why I decided to try this program out was because of the many testimonials about how it helped with weight, acne, acid reflux and chronic pain (Fibromyalgia). I spoke with my mama, Aurora(61), who has the chronic pain, and she agrees that it would be a good program to try out. Especially because it is only 30 days!


Now, you might be wondering why I decided on a much later start date. 


Well, to be honest, there are too many things going on this month of January that I believe I wouldn't be able to give this program my all. Supporting my mama would be rather difficult as well. I just started a new job, I am poor at the moment and can't afford to restock my pantry and fridge until later this month (payday!), and a few other things I must attend to first. This way, I'll be fresh, energetic and ready to start this amazing program! 


I'll most likely be documenting my journey via instagram. You can find me there under ellemai_e if you'd like to check it out. I'll be posting about my mama's progress there as well!


Anyhow, if you have any questions.. shoot! And I'll answer as soon as I can~


Have a wonderful day/night  :D

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