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How much water should I drink?

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Hi there!


I searched the thread and haven't seen a whole lot about this. In the book, it talks about making sure you're getting enough "wet" foods, but it doesn't talk about how much water you should be drinking. 


I've noticed in my first week that I have been crazy thirsty, but I think its because I have a cold and have been on decongestants which dry the heck out of everything. 


My instincts tell me that like eating, i should drink when thirsty, and that water should be my beverage of choice. I've always struggled with the "drink 8 cups a day" (some recommendations as high as 12 cups for my body weight), and so I am hoping that "drink when thirsty" is the answer. 


I think I've been drinking about 1-1.5 litres a day. 


Are there any guidelines or recommendations?



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The recommendation is for half an ounce of water per pound of body weight daily.

It may sound counter-intuitive but ensure you are also salting your food, as by cutting out the processed foods you will have drastically decreased your sodium intake, which may also be responsible for your thirst.

Hope this helps.

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Herbal/Fruit teas could contribute to your overall count, whereas coffee can have a dehydrating effect.

You will get some water via your fruit/veg consumption, but we'd honestly just say to drink as much as you can - most people eating a typical SAD lean towards dyhdration and it's really quite key in getting that 'feel good' factor

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Wow that is 13.5 cups a day - 3.3 litres a day. I feel like that would be insanely difficult to get in - not to mention the bathroom runs. Does that recommendation include an assumption that you are feting a certain amount from fruits and veggies?


Time to go fill my bottle up....

If you're not a water drinker in general, it WILL take a few days for your body to get used to the volume and you may have a lot of bathroom runs but it gets better.

The assumption, even in the medical community is that people are chronically dehydrated. I remember when I had to have an ultrasound (as a non-pregnant female) and the instructions were to drink 2 L of water in the four hours leading up to the procedure. They assume that most people don't drink water so most of that would end up in your cells before it filled your bladder... Because I had been following the recommendations of the Whole30 for water consumption, I was able to just drink 500ml right before the procedure to get the same effect.

You'll start to feel much much better if you follow the recommendations... fresher, cleaner... better!

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