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Week 2 of Whole 30 started 1/4/16


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Hi, all!

   I'm on Day 7 of my second Whole 30. Last one was in May 2015.  I did really well on last time, but by the end of December, I was back to my old habits and eating as if I had never heard of Whole 30!


   I don't remember being this tired or having so much difficulty staying asleep through the night on my last round. As I remember, sleep was one of my first big victories in the last round, because I slept so well.  This time, not so much. I'm waking up frequently and having more difficulty going back to sleep, so I'm tired all day.


   This time around, I am really trying hard to not break any rule at all. Last time, I realized after the fact that I had cheated with Sunshine Sauce made from Sunbutter with added sugar.  I have not been able to find Sunbutter without sugar.  I also ate in restaurants more often that I would have liked because of some travel that month, so I know I ate butter and probably added sugar in vinaigrette served with salad at restaurants.


   This time, I've noticed that I'm managing my cravings with too much almond butter, fruit and nuts-as-snacks and using too much clarified butter for that yummy butter flavor.  What ideas do you have to help with that? 


   Any ideas about the sleep? Can I expect that to come in the next week?


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I'm happy to be starting my second week on Whole 30. Feeling more energetic today. Slept better last night, but partly because I took a Benedryl before I fell asleep. I'd love to get a night's sleep like that without the pharmaceutical help.


Feeling less nasal drip today, too, but that also might be because of the Benedryl.


I got back on my bike and did 10 miles yesterday in addition to my daily yoga flow class. That felt good; I hadn't been out since October!


I made out a meal plan for the week that I'm really excited about. Even though it may look a little boring, it includes a big green salad for lunch daily, which I love. I just throw in whatever's there. This week, I have organic plum tomatoes and French breakfast radishes from the Saturday fresh market to give the salads some zing.


 Best of all, I looked at my fingernails this morning and thought, for the first time in months, that they are actually starting to look healthy! No splitting and flaking.


  If anybody has any ideas about making me sleep better, please share!


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