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I am ready this time...

Sara Ann

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I had planned to do the Whole30 back in November, however it did not work out. I was already part of another fitness/nutrition group at the time, and the plan just did not fit into my lifestyle at that time. I am starting tomorrow, and very much looking forward to this journey. Here is a little background on my journey...


Hello all! I will be starting the Whole30 tomorrow 1/11. A little background on me... almost 2 years ago I joined a local gym that includes strength training and has a nutritional component to it as well. Since then I have been eating clean, and lost apprx 50 pounds. The owner of my gym has also trains individuals for bikini competitions. This past May I decided to do my first competition, something I never thought I would do. Well since then I have struggled to remain on track with my food, and have been trying to figure out what maintenance is. I have the tools, and I know what to eat and not eat, so why is it so hard? I knew I would gain weight back after the competition, and I am ok where I am right now for the most part. But, I feel like I am losing control of my food choices right now. One of my coaches recommended that I complete the Whole30, so here I am! I have been reading the book, and look forward to begin this program

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