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Not as 'heavy' meals that aren't salads? Day 7 blues


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Hi All,

Would love a little advice if you don't mind. First, I finished my first week and I am loving Whole30! Energy levels are up and mind feels clearer. Overall, I've felt 'happier.' I'm not even close to someone who normally cooks and have spent most of the past 15 years dining out, ordering in, or frozen foods (lots of processed stuff). I've really been enjoying cooking and eating my own meals. I haven't even given myself food poisoning yet and only one burn ;)

So, the downside- I feel like I'm eating a lot of heavy foods/ fats/ sauces- which I definitely need to help me 'satiate.'

But this weekend I felt like I was overdoing it. I made an awesome crockpot pulled pork and at this point feel the meals I'm making are just too heavy.

Does anyone have recommendations for meals that feel a bit lighter yet still satisfy? Salads just don't cut it for me. Too many years of 'salad diets.'

Thanks so much- I really want to continue feeling motivated and right now, I'm just really feeling 'heavy.'



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Sometimes if I eat my fats as too much 'sauce' I can feel the same way... sauces can be quite rich feeling.

I find that eating food fats (as I like to call them) such as olives and avocado is a good way to lighten things up.

What about a cold cubed chicken 'salad' with snap peas, carrots and tomatoes... I'd just cut up some chicken, celery, green onions and a bit of apple and then cube your avocado up, mix it all together and season with salt and pepper to taste. That has your fat, your protein and your veg all sorted and it's a nice 'light' lunch.

Is that the kind of thing you mean? I'm a little concerned about the salad diet comment because no one on here is going to come and tell you to eat salad only... if salad was the suggestion it would may be with lots of cut up veggies in it, topped with a can of salmon mixed with mayo/avocado and a few olives.

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Hi Sugarcube :)

Thank you! Yes, I thinks that's more of what I mean- interesting and has it all.

Re: salads- you're right. It's something I'm trying to change image of in my head. My norm in the past to get veggies in has really been like adding a lot of arugula to my meals or zucchini noodles... I'd even put those down on the plate and then pop a lean cuisine over it. Obviously never filling or enjoyable so not thinking of getting my veg in this way on Whole30 is just something I need to continue to get my mind around.

Love your chicken salad idea- thank you! :)

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I really like spaghetti squash topped with compliant sauce -you can add meat to the sauce to get your protein in. I never left feeling totally full. I also liked lettuce wrapped burgers a lot, and they didn't make me feel like I was going to explode. Chicken salad with whole30 compliant mayo in lettuce cups is good, chicken fajita bake (chicken sliced in strips, onions, and peppers baked at 350 with some chile powder) on lettuce wraps is also good and light

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