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Migraines, Sore eyes and Sore throat on day 11

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Hi everyone, 

first time poster here, just wondering if anyone can shed some light on my situation.


I'm on day 11 of my second Whole 30 (first one was way back in 2009 or 2010), and I'm having migraines that i can't shake, as well as very sore eyes and a sore throat. It doesn't feel like the flu (Its summer here in Australia so I wouldn't expect to have the flu anyway), and I have no other 'flu-like' symptoms. I should note i have never had seasonal allergies in my life.
I don't remember any of this from my first Whole 30, but it was a few years ago, so I can't be sure.

Prior to this Whole 30 I was eating 80/20 Paleo (and had been for a few years), so I figured a whole 30 would be relatively easy - which it is- no sugar cravings or missing food so far, but the headaches began about day 6 and are still going with varying degrees of severity. On day 9 one got so bad that light and sound hurt severely (but only lasted a few minutes), but most of the time its dull headache that ibuprofen doesn't cure. They start about mid morning to midday and occasionally graduate to throbbing for most of the day. Its so frustrating!


I am drinking plenty of water (I have that Plant Nanny app that reminds you every few hours), and I'm eating plenty. I am exercising like I usually would - twice a day, once with weights and once a metcon/ crossfit type session. I always have something starchy (usually sweet potato or fruit) after workouts, and don't do more than 30 mins at a time.


- A usual day would look like this:


Morning workout (fasted, like usual).

Breakfast - Eggs either fried or hard boiled with a stack of grilled veggies, capsicum, tomato, mushrooms and either sweet potato or fruit on the side.


Lunch - naked burger or a salad, or something that takes a bit of time to get ready (usually lunch is tuna, chicken, salmon or beef, depending on what I'm making) *side note, I made caulirice for the first time yesterday and loved it :) *


Pre workout snack - varies. Sometimes its celery and peanut butter, sometimes its fruit (nectarines, mangoes and cherries are in season here), or guacamole and carrot sticks. (I know Whole30 isn't huge on snacking, but this is the only snack and its mostly for pre-workout purposes)


Afternoon workout


Dinner/post workout meal - Usually red meat and more sweet potato and extra veggies. Ive been loving my slow cooker lately, so I make veggies in with the meat (carrots, onions, capsicum, mushroom, etc) and then steam extras to go with it (broccoli, cauliflower)


I really don't know why this is happening - I would blame coffee, but I have only started drinking it in the last 3-4 months, and have probably had it less than 10 times since then.
My eyes get so sore sometimes that I can watch tv or look at a laptop from more than half an hour (which is frustrating because I am a student studying by distance education aka my laptop), and prior to w30 I never had that issue.

Everything else seems all good from what I can tell - I sleep soundly for 9 hours a night (as usual), wake up feeling good, and go to sleep a little earlier than usual (because I'm not staying up to eat dessert). 


Can anyone see anything here that i'm missing? (sometimes a fresh set of eyes helps apparently!)



Indi x


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I'm afraid peanuts and peanut butter are not Whole30 compliant :(


You haven't mentioned quantities so it's a bit hard to tell if you're eating enough meat/protein to fit the template (how many eggs?), but from the symptoms it really sounds like you're not getting enough food.


Are you adding a fat serve to every meal, I can't see any listed? (not just the fat used for cooking)


It also seems like you're not eating the Pre & Post workout recommended options, so that could be causing a food deficit.

Fruit isn't recommended either before or after.

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Hi @praxisproject


thanks for your reply!


Sorry, I was a bit hasty writing everything down and missed some detail.


haha I was supposed to type almond butter! (my husband was eating peanut butter in front of me when I was typing :P haha)


Usually breakfast is 4 eggs, and in terms of fats - home made guac is a regular, and If I don't have it, my protein for meals is on the fattier side (pork belly, lamb leg etc). if its something like chicken, which is usually lunch ill add avocado or just good ol' butter. I'll occasionally add nut butters, if I'm feeling like I need it, but I'm not crazy on them.
I have roughly 300grams (raw weight) of protein per meal (depending on what it is, its definitely a palm size), but its not normally less than that, and stack my plate with veggies.


I'll have a look through the pre and post workout recommendations and see if changing a few meal timings will help - Hopefully it does!



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Not sure if you meant dairy butter from your comment or not, but that's not compliant either.


Glad it was almond butter :)


Are you mostly only having avocado and nut butters as fats? Adding in some mayo might help.

You still need a fat serve even if your meat is fatty or you're cooking in a fat. The fat serve is extra.


Protein & Fat pre-workout gets your body revved up to burn fat.

After your workout, carbs & protein (low fat) helps to replenish your muscles.


Some people go with a boiled egg & mayo for the pre-WO and sweet potato and chicken break for post-WO.


If the WO meals don't help, you may want to try adding a mini meal to your day, or even a whole extra meal.

Some people need more food than others.

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Hi praxisproject,

Just wanted to update (and anyone else that might be curious)- I found the cause of all this nonsense! Three days ago I had root canal surgery on a tooth that was hidden behind an old filling that was a bit dodgy.

Turn out that was causing my headaches, sore jaw, and sinuses (eyes, throat etc).


Thankfully it's not because of the w30! I'm doing absolutely great now (once the antibiotics kicked in). Not feeling 'tiger blood' yet but I'm on day 21 and am still waiting for cravings.. They seem non existent!


Thank you for your advice again- I have restructured my meals to comply more with the suggested pre and post workout meals and I seem to be going stronger in my workouts.

Thanks :)

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