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So, I was in the midst of switching methods as I recently found out that since I get ocular migraines, any birth control with estrogen puts me at a higher risk of stroke. I was planning on getting a non-hormonal iud, but I'm scared since my body rejected a hormonal iud before. I was on the pill for a while, then I ran out and just stopped taking it. Nothing to worry about as I'm not currently doing anything that could result in pregnancy - it would literally be an immaculate conception. Anyway, I decided to let my hormones balance themselves out rather than re-introducing something that might throw me way off. BC pills have typically made me ravenously hungry. Since I'm only 8 days in and doing extremely well, I don't want to add in any factors that could steer me in the wrong direction. I've yet to start my period, and I'm a tad worried how that will effect my success as I'm typically a ravenous-while-on-my-period kinda girl. Am I being too scared and ridiculous? I would think my hormones would be the most balanced as they've ever been being on whole 30. Should I get back on bc or let it ride? I'm not dating or looking to get into anything right now as I'm just trying to concentrate on myself and my kids right now, so I figure it's not that big of a deal for now. Thoughts?

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There's no harm in taking a break for 30 days if you want to, but you also don't need to hurry if it's not a big deal right now.


Whole30 does change your hormones a little so it might be better to start a new bc when you're finished so you can see both how the new bc feels and also how the Whole30 feels without it.


You're likely to have a cycle during your W30 anyway, so don't worry about the extra-hungry, it's quite common to eat more around that time as your body is doing a bunch of extra stuff, that's not a bc only experience :) 


You could also have a chat with your doctor about other types of bc.

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