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Prepping for our 1st Whole 30!


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Hi All,


I'm preparing (LOTS of prepping, tossing, rearranging, buying) to start on January 18th, and my 98-year-old mom wants to join me.  I am a bit concerned about how her body will handle it, considering her age and life-long love of breads, cereals, pasta, etc.  Other than that, she's doing pretty darn good for her age.  I will be closely observing her throughout the program to make sure she's okay, and I won't be surprised if her doctor ends up lowering dosages of her meds afterwards.


One of my daughters has done a bunch of Whole 30s, and her energy level and appearance are a walking billboard for the program.  She looks and feels better than she has in 20 years.


So anyway ... just wanted to give a shout out about this exciting new journey my mom and I will be taking together. Can't wait to actually get started!  :)



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