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Flu... Day 12?!


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This is my first post and my first Whole30, so apologies if this is a really obvious question.


I'm now on Day 12, and the process has not been *too* difficult. I had carb flu over days 3 and 4, hated ALL the things (really, ALL the things. Was actually quite rude to my boss which was stupid) on days 4 and 5, but other than that it's been OK. Bloat has gone down, am sleeping much better, and last week my constant mild cold and blocked sinuses were free! For the first time in years I could breathe through my nose for more than 3 days straight.


Except now, I have really severe flu symptoms. Streaming nose, can't open my eyes properly, super itchy eyes, hot and mucusy throat (sorry, tmi)... 


I'm just curious whether anyone else experienced a second round of carb flu? I don't know what could have caused this and I'm pretty upset about losing my new found breathing abilities. I didn't eat anything non-compliant over the last couple of days that could have sparked this, nor any 'new' foods.


I get that it might actually be a cold unrelated to my diet (I live in Hong Kong where the combination of pollution and fickle weather makes it quite easy to catch cold) but I haven't really been around anyone who has a cold, I've been looking after myself etc. But if it is a cold, any Whole30 approved remedies? Normally I would drink Lucozade and eat chocolate in bed feeling sorry for myself but that's not an option here.


Any advice or information much appreciated!



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It might be a cold but if you've had sinus issues in the past, it could also be your body having a bit of a clean out, or some hayfever, or a bit of both.


You might want to read through this post:




I quite like ginger & lemongrass tea, Silky Gingered Soup from Mel Joulwan and a good nap or extra sleep.

Chilli, pepper and garlic also help some people with blocked sinuses. If you have access to a vaporizer, these are great too.


I hope you feel better soon GB :)

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I'm feeling under the weather here also....I think it's the flu or a cold, but it is hard to go from feeling so good to feeling so poorly. I'm on Day 16 of my 2nd Round and I definitely will be finishing strong. I've been drinking a lot of hot tea, some sparkling water to settle my stomach and I made some chicken/veggie soup last night. I think I'll be making this tonight:http://meljoulwan.com/2012/11/05/silky-gingered-zucchini-soup/It sounds so good! Just what the Dr. ordered since toast, hot toddies and spoonfuls of honey are out;)

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