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Marmite is one of my favourite things ever (yes, I'm British) - normally on wholegrain toast, with some butter, mmm.


However, I also like to use it in cooking (it really brings out flavours, even in unexpected foods like white fish!), so still want to use it in the Whole30. Is Marmite approved? It's made from brewed yeast, and searches I've done list it as 'marketable as gluten free' under EU guidelines... although technically it is likely to contain traces of gluten from its manufacturing process. But in that case, surely there are lots of things that are listed as 'gluten free' that are actually OK for Whole30?



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In the case of the MSG potential, it sounds from the article linked that people with a very high sensitivity to MSG may have a reaction... I would for sure! That being the case, is this not something you can leave off for 30 days? There are lots of good umami things you can use in place, such as fish sauce (check ingredients) or coconut aminos...also dry spices and spice blends...

I would personally use this time to investigate new and wonderful things to season your food with and leave the Marmite...

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If Marmite is made the same as Vegemite (in Australia), it's also LOADED with gluten. Brewers Yeast which is beer waste is not gluten free (most of these spreadable yeast products are made with the waste from beer manufacturing as it's really cheap).

There may be different versions that are gluten free, but I would avoid as the label may not specify (ours didn't use to).


Vegemite in Australia now comes with a gluten warning, but did not for years (possible labelling law change?).

Our local celiac association says absolutely no to Vegemite :( which I used to love


However there's loads of tasty things for your Whole30 food :D

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