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Hello!! I am on day 7 of my first whole 30 and cannot believe how much energy I have. I have been battling major sinus  issues for months, which had me lethargic all the time. In any free time I would nap. I haven't had a nap in the last 7 days and I am sleeping great at night. I am looking forward to week 2!

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My name is Cheryl.  I am on R1D2 of my first Whole30.  I've had treatment resistant iron deficiency anemia for 6 months and just finished having biopsies done to check for Celiac Disease because my small intestine isn't absorbing iron or fats (my triglyceride level is too low imagine that) I had to eat gluten until the testing was complete, last Friday, so I've been looking forward to starting the Whole30 for a while.  I was going to give up gluten no matter what and lactose for a while until my gut healed.


I feel like I've somewhat cheated, I knew I was going to do Whole30 after my testing so I gave up Coke Zero and all other pops on December 20.  I went through physical withdrawals; I was achy, headache, 3:00 energy drop.  I then gave up processed sugars around the time the New Year started.  Not really cheating, just clearing the pathway.


I know today is the hangover day, but I feel fine.  I was overstuffed yesterday, so I cut back my breakfast portion a little bit today.  I feel a bit hungry, but I will ride it, I know I ate plenty.  I'm used to being hungry all of the time because of my malabsorption issues.


I get a little wordy, sorry.  I look forward to this journey to better health with all of you.

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