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Heartburn on day 11/12

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Well...I had chocolate chili on Sunday for dinner with avacado and lime and made a Sunday Roast. Eggs, smoked salmon and berries for breakfast

Monday: eggs (2), smoked salmon and berries, lunch:salad and baked chicken with a side of sweet potatoes

Dinner: 2 hard boiled eggs, smoked salmon, olives, berries

Drinking water with lemon and 1 la croix

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It could be the chilli, it has quite a few nightshades in it. Avocado doesn't usually cause it, but it can make it feel worse sometimes.


Heartburn should only be temporary, but some things can make it linger or very painful, it's not a W30 thing really, but changes in food can see it sometimes.

Nightshades are a known irritant for heartburn.


You may find peppermint tea soothing, but it's not a cure.

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