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Day 3, check in from Santa Cruz, CA

Blue Zen for Jen

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o.k. so day three . . .

exhausted from working really hard at work . .feeling good about this choice to do the whole 30.

Woke up and had a rice milk, protein powder (organic whey) and frozen berries smoothie;

then for brunch -- a perfect spinach omelette made with olive oil (a little) . . really yummy!

I think whey is o.k.? it is?

what about salad dressing? Is it limited to oil and vinegar?

A note about my food and eating history : the only time I got to a weight I felt good about myself was after the Diet Center mostly protein and vegetables in small amounts.

Not sure this is not a "diet' but seems super healthy and hopefully healing.

Drove over the hill to beachside today . . posting from a cafe.

if you have answers? Please respond :)

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First, let me say I LOVE LOVE where you live. :) I grew up in San Diego and always loved it when we went to Santa Cruz.

Unfortunately Whole30 doesn't really approve of smoothies unless they are a part of a meal at the most. Even then they aren't crazy about them. You should get your protein from real sources and not drink your meals. It doesn't have the same effect on your hormones and satiety is the way they put it I think. Also, whey protein is a by product of dairy, so pretty sure that is a no no on it's own. Have you read the book It Starts With Food? It's awesome and will guide you through this great process.

There are salad dressings in the back of the book ISWF. Also, Well Fed is an awesome book that is Whole30 approved. I have them both on my Kindle Fire.

To start with, from first glance, it doesn't seem like you are eating enough. Don't be afraid of healthy fats. It's a great way to fuel your body and keeps you from being hungry.

I hope that was somewhat helpful. Tons of help and support on this site.

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Here's the bad news: You haven't started yet. Reread the guidelines again very carefully... http://forum.whole9life.com/topic/5-the-official-whole30%C2%AE-program/

You can eat no grains during a Whole30. Rice is a grain, so rice milk is off plan. And so is every other form of milk you can buy in a grocery store except canned coconut milk.

No protein powder is acceptable during a Whole30. The Whole30 requires that you eat real, whole foods. Protein powders are highly processed. And as slw600 noted, whey is dairy and all dairy is out during a Whole30. And also as noted, smoothies are frowned upon. The reason is that your body responds to liquid food differently than whole foods, so even though you can make a smoothie with acceptable ingredients, turning food into a smoothie changes the digestion process.

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o.k. thanks. I do have the book and am reading up on the do's and don'ts.

so goodby soy lattes and chai lattes and herbal tea with stevia and soy milk . . just plain coffee or herbal tea plain.

o.k. I am in! day 0 today and day 1 tomorrow.


You'll rock this, I am certain. :)

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