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Hungry - must snack - larger main meals are too much!


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Fellow whole30ers please help!


I'm on day 9 of my first whole30 and am hungry all. the. time. I'm trying not to snack because I want to become fat adapted, but can't make it between meals. I drink a lot of water and include lots of fat and protein with each meal. I've tried eating larger meals, but then I feel like I overate (sick and tired with a tummy ache), and usually am still hungry for a snack. I'm also afraid of gaining weight.


I always *need* a snack at 10:30am, 3:30pm and when I get home from work. I always *crave* a snack before going to bed.


Any ideas of what might be going on? and how important the "limit snacking" piece of the program is?


Thanks a bunch!

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Hi there,


Getting used to eating three larger meals a day can take time.  Perhaps you could give us some more details about what you've been eating (include portions, please) and when so that we can take a look and give you some more directed feedback.

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