day 9... HELP


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This is my first whole30 and its been so far so good. I don't typically have a sweet tooth but I am starting to notice that I am getting so SICK of savory food. I think now that I'm dreading my meals I'm not eating as much as I should. Any tips? Last week I ate something different most of the week but I realized that for time, that wasn't going to work. This week, I've prepped salmon, talapia, hard boiled eggs, and lots of veggies. Also, possibly a silly question.. I can treat eggs like a meat protein, right? I've been eating more eggs (as I'm imagining most of us are!) than probably anything else and fortunately not getting sick of them. SO any food tips would be SO helpful! 


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Eggs are protein, just like meat.

Is there a reason you're only eating fish and eggs? More variety might help. You might also try some different sauces and seasoning mixes. Savory includes a whole lot of different flavors, so you shouldn't get bored of you're trying new things. Check out for lots of seasonings and sauces. You could also include some fruit. Apple or pear or some berries in a salad, your favorite fruit alongside a meal. It would give you a little bit of a change.

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