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Sorry, trying again. PMS, planning ahead, crazy busy schedule.


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For some reason it keeps posting a blank message after showing an error message. Here's what it should've said:

Hello all,

I am on day 10 of my second try at a Whole30. I started after Thanksgiving and was derailed during a last minute road trip. I had planned on continuing to eat compliant but the my PMS symptoms kicked in and I was out for good. This is I read up and I'm trying to be more prepared. In The Whole30 book it suggests that you make a plan ahead of time to prevent slip ups. During the week leading up to my cycle I at least have 1 VERY sad/depressed day and 1 VERY angry day. In addition I experience headaches that vary in severity, emotional swings, cramps, leg pains, fatigue, other body aches and CONSTANT food cravings...Very specific food cravings. And that's all in the first week. The second and third week I experience a varying array of these same symptoms before finally feeling better midway through the third week and having a week or so of calm before starting again.

I am a mom of two with a home daycare so my schedule is pretty tight and I have VERY LITTLE time to myself.

With ALL of that being said, when I read about creating an if/then list and drew a blank for this. I've read about increasing my food intake and the amount of starchy veggies before and during these times but what else can I do? Cupcakes, hot wings and wine usually get me through these episodes. PLEASE HELP! I want to be successful this time and need help in advance to be prepared for next week.

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Hey there


Can you list what your typical days food intake looked like on your previous attempt?

You're right that eating starchy veg can help in the lead up to your period. They can also help with feelings of anxiety & depression, but you may also find that you just need to be eating more in general at that time.

For the headaches ensure you are getting enough fat - you need it for satiety, brain health, to stamp out cravings, for energy & for your sanity! You also need to be drinking adequate water to help flush everything out of your system - a half an ounce of water per pound of body weight, daily.

For the cramps, have you tried adding in a magnesium supplement? This will also help with sleep, and getting adequate sleep makes everything seem better...

With a little planning this is definitely do-able.

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I was eating 2-3 eggs scrambled with veggies (onions, peppers, spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, etc) 1/2 a sweet or white potato and 1/2 an avocado.

Meals two and three were 2-3 pieces of chicken, fish or beef with roasted veggies ( asparagus, kale, sweet potatoes, broccoli) 2 veggies per meal. A few nuts.

I might have some raw nuts during the day. Water and a cup or two of hot tea throughout the day.

I made it to day 12 eating this way and was over the bad feelings and fatigue, finally hitting my stride when we had to take a road trip to a funeral... 26 total hours of driving over a 3 day weekend during a week that is already an emotional one for our family. And I was the only Whole30er in the car. I started what would've been week 3 with less than 2 hours of sleep after eating horribly over the weekend and zero prep done for the day/week and PMS symptoms kicking in.

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