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Started 1/3, first timer, feeling great


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I've been lurking in the forums for a few days but I finally decided to join up. I decided around Thanksgiving that I desperately needed a reset on my eating habits. I've been dabbling in the Paleo diet for a couple years, and had seen positive changes in my energy, strength, and overall body composition, but had slipped back into bad, SAD eating habits in recent months, which was having a negative effect on my energy and my waistline. 


I started my Whole30 on January 3rd, after returning home from traveling for the holidays. 


I'm on Day 11 now. It's been going well - despite all of the bread, candy, and junk I ate before I started, my body has not revolted and I didn't have the carb flu like I did the first time I completely cut out those foods. I noticed an immediate improvement last week - within a few days I was no longer extremely bloated. 


I've been a huge fan of Well Fed and Well Fed 2, and have been making some of my favorite recipes from those books (the Salmon Patties from Well Fed 2 are the best thing ever). I've definitely had to branch out and try new recipes, and I've been spending a lot more time in the kitchen.



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