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First Whole 30 1/13/16


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I'm very excited to be starting my first Whole 30 today!  About a year ago one of my spin instructors was telling me about this crazy food plan she was on and I thought, "Jeez, I don't think I could ever do that."  Well, here I am!  I've always been pretty active, but never really paid attention to my diet.  Now that I am 47 years old I think that is catching up to me!  My scale only seems to work by increasing the number and with menopause setting in, I figured it was time for a healthy change.


I'm not able to clean my pantry out as my husband is not going on this venture with me.  But I am hoping that the healthy meals I prepare will benefit him too! 


With Day 1 started I know I already probably had too much coffee...at least I take it black, so I will try to do better with that one tomorrow.  Red wine and Doritos are my downfall, so hopefully I am strong enough to decline when the opportunity presents itself!

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