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Day 12: maybe this is working!


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So this is my first Whole30, and I have had relatively few issues so far. Of course I had strep throat for my first week so other than virtually no appetite, any symptoms related to the diet could have been masked by being sick. However, today I noticed several differences...maybe this is just me looking for something because it's Day 12 or maybe this is actually working.

1. I went to the grocery store and nothing called at me...no cravings! I have been very craving driven my whole life so when I walked by the bread, smelled that delicious scent, and kept walking it hit me that I would have reeled at that smell before. This time I only vaguely acknowledged it a and kept moving.

2. I woke up with less softness around my belly...I workout a lot, but I can never seem to get rid of that mommy-belly so this was extremely encouraging.

3. My face was greasy. This may seem gross and not at all what someone would want to see, but for years now I have been dealing with burning, red, flaky, dry skin. I'm not looking to move in the oily skin direction, but this change is major!

So far this seems to be working.

Now I really need to work on getting enough food so I don't feel like I need to snack at night...I struggle with the pre- and post-workout foods, and I mostly only get three meals in when I can often work out for 2 hours on some days.

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