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Day 4 - The Sugar Dragon has arrived


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As I was on my way to work I longingly looked at each donut place and thought to myself, "Mmmm, cake donut with frosting and a boudin kolache (drool)."


I even craved Shipley's donuts and almost made a mad dash towards their drive-thru. The funny thing is, I really hate Shipley's!


No dreams of food just yet but I know they will come. I have to be strong and lead by example. My parents are far too unhealthy and are ruining their lives by their choices. My main goal for Whole 30 is to show them that they can prolong their lives and see my future children graduate from high school if they just stop buying those cookies and ice cream. The positive outlook so far is, I have noticed my father eating a little less (He's about 400lbs, needs knee replacements, and can hardly walk a quarter mile before he needs to rest).


Please help me to not give up, I need this for my father and mother. I hate the fact that I am watching them kill themselves and one of my sisters and I both feel that their end is coming sooner than later. They are too young to pass!

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