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Hello fellow primal Gods and Goddesses!

Today is day 6 for me and here's the scoop so far:

I started eating Paleo two months ago and the only non-plan foods I was eating were dark chocolate, red wine, the occasional "Norcal margherita," honey, and a perhaps excessive amount of berries with coconut milk and cinnamon.

Then I went to Italy for 10 days, vowing to start the Whole30 upon my return. In Italy I mostly stuck to Paleo (absolutely 0 grains because they make me feel horrible) but I ate a lot of yummy cheese and the airline gave me an entire box of Belgian chocolates which I proceeded to eat for the three days leading up to my promised Whole30 start date.

The Whole30 so far has been fairly easy since I am eating much the way I did before I left for Italy. The major differences are that my chocolate and wine has become Yogi Teas Tahitian Vanilla Hazelnut tea at night and I have stopped making my berry and coconut milk desserts (too much pleasure button pushing there).

Some small issues have been: I ate a small amount of pickled ginger on the fourth day which contains sugar, my probiotic supplement has rice starch in it... not sure what to do about that, and I'm a classical vocalist who likes honey in her tea while practicing for soothing and lubricating purposes (soon to be remedied by grabbing a new box of trusty ol' Throat Coat). Also I've been eating an ungoddessy amount of fruit which I promise to maintain as a seasonal habit. once the local, seasonal fruit is gone... so will be my habit.



P.S. - I get my first shipment of my new CSA on wednesday. I'm so excited! It comes with pastured eggs :)

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