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New to meat grinding


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Industrial.  If you don't want to invest that much, buy the attachment for your K.A.  You'll have to chop your meat up in small chunks to accommodate it but you won't be out alot of bucks. 


You can grind anything you like if you don't overload it.   



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Grind half beef brisket and half chuck roast for premium burger.  Do not trim the fat off and grind it when the meat is cold.  Do not try to grind it when the meat is not cold...the meat will squash instead of grind.  


Wrap your burger in aluminum foil and then freezer paper.  No plastic wrap.  Put in deep freezer if you have one.  Those frostless fridge freezers take the life out of everything. 


The Bear suggests chopping it up into smaller chunks and putting back in fridge for a couple of hours, then grind. You want your grinder to grind and not squash.


Use pork butt roast for sausage.  We use fresh side, uncured pork belly, too.   


That's how we'd do it with a smaller grinder at the Chez  Bear Chalet. 


His words not mine.  :D 

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