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Round 2! Super Stoked!


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Hello! The name's Alyce, and I'm pretty excited to start another log.

I've already done a round of Whole 30 about a year ago. I did well, but floundered a lot despite researching quite a bit. I basically ate far too much protein, and not enough veggies. 


I'm working on being better about the veggie thing, especially since I love them! 


I'm currently on day 5.



1 bottle of Gingeraid Kombucha (SO happy 'booch is compliant. I make my own, but occasionally buy GTs. It's my favorite thing in the world!)

2 cups of broccoli

Matt's Munchies-banana coconut fruit leather (totally compliant, saw it and wanted to see if it was any good. It was, but I probably won't buy it again as it's far too close to a SWYPO situation)

3 hard boiled eggs



2 cups of broccoli (I buy those steamable broccoli bags and take them to work. They have 4 cups total, and are super convenient) 

A serving (maybe a bit more than 4 oz) of home made pulled pork with lemon and compliant hot sauce drizzled on top.

A cup of coffee with a couple spoons of coconut milk.



I worked late and was starving when I got on the train. I had a larabar for my 50 minute commute. They're delicious, but definitely for emergency only situations. They taste like candy.



3 chicken tenderloins coated in almond flour and spices. 

2 cups of broccoli



I flipping love broccoli I guess!


The first few days I ate a lot of sweet potatoes. I LOVE them. Love love love, but I think I need to lay off. They make me bloat like crazy, so I think fridays are my sweet potato days.


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Day 7:


So far I haven't been too hungry. I had 4 applegate farm hot dogs with some home made salsa and 2 hard boiled eggs.

I plan on eating some veggies If I feel hungry. Currently a spaghetti squash is in the oven, so I plan on having that with some chili I made.



I'm feeling pretty good, though. Dying for something sweet but I'll ride it out.

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Day 8: Feeling pretty good today. A friend invited my boyfriend and I out to have breakfast with him and his family. Unfortunately (or is it fortunate...) the only thing I could eat on the menu was a small bowl of mixed fruit. I got home and had a pretty big bowl of spaghetti squash and 2 eggs.


For lunch I had another cup or two of spaghetti squash and 4 compliant hotdogs with mustard and a bottle of Kombucha to drink. It was surprisingly delicious!


For dinner...I have no idea, yet. I'm thinking a few eggs and some broccoli.


Overall, today was pretty well rounded!

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