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Day 11 Not just a fog - it's a blackout


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Good Morning!


I wanted to reach out and see if what I feel is normal or if anyone in the same boat. 


My husband and I along with 3 other friends are on day 11.  My husband has boundless energy and I really want to just jack-slap him as I still feel tired!!  I also noticed I'm not just in a fog, I'm in a blackout. My husband got mad at me this AM because I "ignored"his question.  Driving to work I almost ran a stop sign and flew over a speed hump which jarred my brain so hard I feel like it exploded. 


In the evenings we cook dinner and I'm exhausted after that. I work out during the day and eat 3 meals a day with protein and starches for energy along with vegetables.



Does anyone else feel like this this late in the diet?  WTH is my energy (along with my brain)???


Cally W.

Brentwood, TN

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Foods -


Breakfast always are eggs, mushrooms, onions and side of cubed sweet potatoes


Lunch is compliant tuna fish, with boiled eggs and lil bit of Tessamae's sauce or salads with chicken or turkey


Dinner is steak, onions, asparagus and green beans or chicken with veges and a 1/2 potato  (always along those lines)

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You are working out, but not reporting eating a post-workout meal. That suggests you are not eating enough. You are reporting the composition of your meals, but not the amount of food you are eating. I am glad to see that you are including potatoes twice per day, but I don't know how big a serving of anything except the half potato at dinner. Lunch sounds too light. My guess is that you are not eating big enough meals on top of not eating a post-workout meal. Not eating enough undermines your energy levels. Try increasing meals to the upper end of the meal planning template and see what happens.


How much to eat
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