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Husband & I on Day 3, but he accidently chewed gum..


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Hi guys! My husband and I started Whole 30 on Wednesday and are in great shape so far. BUT, I'm so paranoid about accidently messing up or having an oversight. For example, I forgot to tell my husband no gum and he chewed a piece! Do we need to start over? ;-(


Also, how do I get past being so worried I'm missing a sneaky ingredient in something?

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Here's an article to read about whether or not to start over... you decide :)




And with practice you'll start to know where those sneaky things are hiding and what things are okay... but basically produce, protein and fat are okay and don't have 'ingredients' so that's where you start... not a lot of us eat canned, packaged or prepared things because they're usually loaded with crap.


Some things people eat as canned/packaged are compliant tomato sauce, coconut milk, some canned vegetables, olive and avocado oil, spices... you won't find a lot of your old faves as compliant and mints, gum etc... are also considered packaged foods.


Here's an article on gum... it's not awesome in general...



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