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Whole30 and Beyond


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It is Day 29, but I feel I can safely say I Did It! I loved the daily motivational email and want to thank Melissa and Dallas so much for making that tool happen. I really feel it was so beneficial to my success, having that email to look forward to. I saved them so that as I extend my challenge to 50 days I can re-read the favorites! Now for my results, my magic started around day 25, that's when I remeasured myself, having lost 10 inches from prominent body parts. My clothes are loosening up and a girl from work complimented me on the fact that my rear end is getting smaller. I'm a less-to-loose person but have struggled for a long time getting fat to move, so I'm so excited and will continue on for another 20 days. I'm sleeping so well now, falling asleep around 9:30 and getting up at 5:15 to have my cup of coffee and hit the workout. I'm enjoying my workouts, T-Tapp and the new KB routine I found here. I'm most of all excited that I found, for ME, that portions do matter. When I started Paleo back in December, I jumped on the eat-all-you-want bacon bandwagon. I tried to trust the direction I was receiving about eating lots of fat, fatty meats, and pushing myself to lift as heavy as possible. After several months I got bigger ( gained fat) and hurt my lower back. I was completely frustrated. I knew that giving up grains, sugar, and dairy was so good for me because of the many benefits I earned from that action alone, but the overeating of fat made me fatter. That's when I found Whole30, I learned how important it is for MY body to be mindful of how much I eat. I keep emphasizing that because when you mention portion control in Paleo circles everyone can get a little testy! Portion control is very good for ME! I do have photos of myself and would like to share those sometime. For now I'm extending into the next 20 days with no doubt that I will be just fine. Thank you Melissa and Dallas for such a wonderful experience!

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